This site had for vocation to introduce to book photographers and models amateur or professional,
with an aim of connecting offers and asks.
Indeed I hope to travel to Europe to what is called find new head which could
to interest of the agencies to recruit for casting or photographer, ect…
I am very impassioned by the photograph since my youthness and I hope to be able to improve the
artistic aspect of my photograph by to constitute book which I would put on line or simply
trade-union minimum a simple series of picture of the person for a candidature.

To be done I have a reflex Canon eos
of a simple flash Metz cobra that I used until there with polystyrene plates
(will undoubtedly have included/understood it to you by traversing my first picture)
that there is work to make on lighting, not having nor to find my style
nor the material which it would be advisable to buy
for my type of use which will be soon nomad…

PS: I also have a good assistant for the decorations and reflectors (very patient)
I profit from it here for thanks.
Here is the main thing for any questions do not hesitate to contact me, photographer I would be done
a pleasure of "webiser" your book here, and models come many.

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